On Saturday 16th March, Janet Ray and Glenys Claydon presented the cheque to last years club charity which was the ‘Woolverstone Wish’ 

A fantastic amount of £3201.85p was raised! 

Thankyou to Brian Taylor for coming to collect it on behalf of the Woolverstone Wish. 

To find out all about this amazing charity, click on the following link to be redirected to their Facebook page.



Saturday 23rd March

8pm Start











£20 VOUCHER- Ticket 150- Kevin Bowes

£15 VOUCHER- Ticket 136- Membership 321

£10 VOUCHER- Ticket 142- Membership 949


Well Done To All 



Please take note of our car parking regulations. Please enter your vehicle registration into one of the two terminals as you enter the foyer. This will register your vehicle for the duration of your visit to the club.





Presentation of cheques to charities. £1758 to EACH, £1025 Air Ambulance, £1025 Local Inshore Coastal Life Boat, £100 Andrew Brooke who competed in the 2016 Disabled Olympics, £1908 Walton Parish Nursing, £1698 to BASIC Life. £3201.85p to The Woolverstone Wish. 

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